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Goods Movement

Tracking good through an organization can be challenging. Where did it go and how was it used are common examples of system challenges. CypherTax can be used to put a repeatable process around goods movement that can help users apply the right taxes, for the reasons.


Operating Unit Ambiguity

Companies that deploy a procurement company often do so to simplify taxes. Others try but end up making things more complicated.

Data is created during each variation of this process but often struggles to do so within integrated tax solutions. That data can be imported into CypherTax to determine the appropriate taxes in a simplified way, making intercompany transactions easier to manage. A CypherTax team member can walk you though how our system optimized procurement company transactions.

Inventory Consumption

Consumption Function

Removal from inventory, first use, and other consumption methods cause a required accrual. While often small, they still matter. CypherTax makes processing such consumption areas to become a streamlined accrual process that can be easily managed during the period close.

Ask one of the CypherTax team members to walk you through how we manage sub-processes such as inventory consumption to increase the accuracy of your tax liabilities.

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